Recent Travels, July 2012

Summer in Provence

This, our third trip to Provence, was our first where the lavender was in peak bloom. Using Vedene – just a little east of Avignon – as our base, we traversed the greater part of Provence from as far south as Cassis to Mt. Ventoux in the north and Valensole on the eastern edge. And, everywhere, the lavender was spectacular; the timing was perfect! Of course, we photographed a lot in villages as well. Temperatures were in the nineties most of the time but we took a daily midday break in our very nice cool rented home. The food was, of course, great and the wine was ... well ....... French. As usual, we bypassed the wine list and stuck to local wines which were excellent. The people were, again as usual, warm and friendly even in the frenzy they call market day. We made it to five villages on their established market days. A real treat was seeing a performance of Puccini’s La Boheme at the Theatre Antique d'Orange – a two-thousand year old Roman theater with fantastic acoustics.

Above left, the 13th century abbey at Senanque is a popular photographic site, especially in summer. So, this is one of many but the lavender is irresistible - shot in late afternoon light. The second photo is of lavender fields near the village of Valensole. It was shot in late afternoon with a Nikon D4 using the 85mm f/2.8 PC-E lens in tilt mode.

We return to Provence in the summer of 2015 through American Nature Photography Workshops. See schedule at