Our natural world is both stunning and delicate and

our photographs represent our interpretation and vision of that world. We share them because we enjoy doing it and because it’s our way of promoting environmental stewardship.

There are parts of the world­, close to home and far from our shores (Antarctica for example), that are under stress and, through photography, we share here our attempts to do justice to the wonder and splendor of these regions. We’re occasionally world travelers too and we hope you enjoy our images from those travels. Finally, we enjoy showing off our adopted home—the wonderful city of Fort Collins and the State of Colorado.

George Theodore


george.jpgI've had a camera in my hand since I was a teenager. My first camera (still in operating condition) was an Argus C4. Early on, I concentrated in urban photography and mostly black and white - even did some of my own developing. Twenty-five years or so ago, I gravitated to more color and landscape and took my photography to a new level. Then came digital and I was an early and very willing convert. With an electrical engineering degree, understanding the technology came easily and now I enjoy combining both my technical and photographic skills in teaching.

In 2011, I formed American Nature Photography Workshops and conduct workshops and tours with some of my photographer friends. We limit ourselves to no more than10 workshops or tours a year and I'm proud to say we sell most of them out. See us at www.amnaph.com

Finally, in this business we all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us; those who taught, inspired and mentored us. For me, the biggest shoulders of those belong to Bill Fortney. Through Bill I've met and shot with the best of the best and it was he who gave me my first opportunity to teach. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Freeman Patterson whose counsel gave me "permission" to break rules and find a voice.

After all these years, I haven't tired of the anticipation, the rush and the excitement of photography. Henri Cartier-Bresson said "Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst" (I think with digital it might be at least twice that). Even as a professional, I keep looking forward to the next shot which just might be my best ever.

Marilu Theodore



I'm an Ohio Wesleyan alum where I majored in art. I have always enjoyed the creative process and have loved exploring new media. I took up photography about ten years ago just as the digital era was evolving. While George is shooting the “grand landscape”, I gravitate to more “minimalist” or intimate scenes to photograph.

Combining photography and graphics, I enjoy creating collages and have done numerous custom collages for friends and clients. I also enjoy bird photography and have fun photographing “new finds”.  My bird photographs have appeared in the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program calendar the last three years. You’ll find me often roaming around with “big glass”.

While I love doing collages of places we visit, I really enjoy focusing on our immediate environment - the Colorado Front Range and Fort Collins, a town we love. My latest project has been the creation of a book called The Many Colors Of Fort Collins. It is a collection of photographs of Fort Collins that are organized by color. The majority of the images are of historic Old Town, and attempts to showcase that visual experience that is Fort Collins.


Prints from our bodies of work hang in collections in private homes and commercial establishments in Minnesota, Colorado, Florida and Ohio. Our work is represented worldwide by Danita Delimont Stock Photography.  We also sell through Theoartphoto.com